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OAC-DT Troubleshooting: Lights Will Not Turn ON Automatically

Lights wired to Room Controller turn ON but remain at a dimmed level (lighting does not respond to dimming raise controls). How do I troubleshoot?

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I have wired 3 sensors to a room controller, everything is working but I noticed the limitation is 2. Would this eventually cause the sensors to fail?

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Is there a diagram for a GMDS switch connected to an occupancy sensor?

how do i use the remote so i could program the switch

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Can I use a ceiling mounted motion sensor for a wall mounted application?

We had a RC3DE Room Controller delivered without the 0-10 Volt Terminal Adapters. When we received the new terminal adapters, they came with capacitor and 0-10V Leads attached. What is the purpose f

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What is the configuration for cat 5 ?

Hi I am looking for occupancy sensor to set-up a robotic arm jig

What is the minimum time delay for a motion sensor?

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In regards to motion sensors, what is the NEMA WD7 Standard?

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What is control board part# 1180909C?

Does Greengate offer a control panel similar to the LK4-277NO except in NEMA 3R?

Can a 1-button DALI wallstation be reconfigured into a 2-button control later on? Is the wiring for 1-button/2-button the same?

Can an OA/RA1016 photocell work with a PER7 option?

I am looking for a programming guide to a CK2.

Where do you land the low voltage wires in an Ilumin panel?

What is the catalog number for a ControlKeeper4A transformer ?

What is the catalog number for a LiteKeeper 16/32 transformer?

What type wire should be used to connect to Greengate Motion sensors?

What size wire is recommended for use on the UIG-2-NA connections ?

Does the daylight sensor affect all three zones in the room controller?