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What is the phone number for Cooper Controls ?

What is walk-through mode on a sensor?

What is the difference between a vacancy sensor and an occupancy sensor ?

Where can I get a manual for the SwitchKeeper lighting control panel?


Where can I find manual/documentation for the LiteKeeper 16/32?

How do you program a Greengate Digital Switch (GDS) in a LiteKeeper panel ?

Why is the daylight sensor (DSRC-FMOIR) for the Room Controller not dimming the lights?

How do I connect multiple OAC-DT-2000 motion sensors?

How do you use the HHPR-RC personal remote with the room controller?

Where can I find information on the Keeper Enterprise software ?

I am looking for OSP20-RDH

Is there a diagram for a GMDS switch connected to an occupancy sensor?

Is the OCC-RJ45 coupler included with the OACDT1000 sensor?

How many LED lights can I control with the SF10P dimmer?

Please advise cross for Novitas 13-031

Where can I find information on the OCC-RJ45 input/output device?

How does the energy saver mode work on the OMC-DT-2000-R sensor?

What is the position of the termination jumper on a GDS-I-KIT for on and off?

Where can I find information on the Heavy Duty Switchpack, SP20-MV, SP15-347, SP20-240 ?

How do I wire a photocell to a LiteKeeper 16/32 panel?

How do I wire line voltage to a Room Controller?

How do I program a switch to control relays in a LiteKeeper?

Looking for an equal of Novitas part number 13-031.

Can I use the CEPC-1-D with the LiteKeeper panels?

Is there a LiteKeeper 16/32 quick programming guide?

How do you put the ODC-U-2000-25-R into test mode?

What is bathroom mode on a sensor?

How does the daylighting feature work on a NeoSwitch wall switch sensor?

Where can I get installation instructions for the WEIM?

With a TSW-MV, Can a 4-way switch be used for rooms which have 3 entrances with switching of the lighting?

Can the Photodiode Sensor (DLC-PD-DIM) control multiple fixtures being fed from multiple circuits?

Can you use the HHPRG-RC for more than 1 Room Controller, or do I need one per RC System?

How do I troubleshoot a ControlKeeper 2 or ControlKeeper 4 transformer?

Lights wired to Room Controller turn ON but remain at a dimmed level (lighting does not respond to dimming raise controls). How do I troubleshoot?

Where can I find information on a OMC-P-1200-R Occupancy Sensor ?

Where can I find information on a OMC-DT-2000R Occupancy Sensor ?

What port needs to be opened for remote access to a Greengate panel network through an EIM (ethernet interface module)?

How do I program a Room Controller photocell?

How do I program switches with a LiteKeeper 8?

What are the installation instructions for the ONW-D NeoSwitch?

With the OAC-DT-2000-R motion sensor, can I install 0-10v dimming on this sensor , so the daylight sensor option dims the lights?

I have wired 3 sensors to a room controller, everything is working but I noticed the limitation is 2. Would this eventually cause the sensors to fail?

Can I get a Novitas 01-400?

Can I dim loads on the Room Controller individually with the slider?

I'm trying to replace a Novitas model 01-DL401.

How do you put the ODC-U-1001-25 into test mode?

How does the Relay interface Module work?

What are the causes of a CKT panel touch screen indicating that it cannot see the relays in the panel?

How do you adjust a PPS-5 sensor?

How do I put the OAWC-P-009L-H into test mode ?

How can I put the Room Controller into occupancy mode (auto on)?

How much current can a DLC-PD-DIM sink on the 0-10V side ?

LK panel "power hit" in log meaning

How do I troubleshoot a LiteKeeper 8 transformer?

Does the NeoSwitch integrate daylighting and occupancy sensor combination?

NEC neutral required wallbox switch? Whitepaper available?

What power pack are available for Greengate?

How can I determine what Room Controller configuration I need?

Where can I get Keeper Enterprise software version 6.02?

Where can I find information on the Room Controller Personal Remote HHPR-RC ?

Where can I find information on the Room Controller RC3, RC3D, RC3DE, RC3DEHC ?

Where can I find information on Line Voltage Automatic Turn-Off Switches ?

Where can I find information on the Dual Relay Switchpack, SPD20-MV-NO ?

Where can I find information on the ControlKeeper M, CKM panel ?

Where can I find information on the Network Cable ?

Where can I find information on the DLC-PD-DIM Photodiode Sensor ?

Where do I land the lighting load's neutral wire in the LiteKeeper panel?

What is the part number for a ControlKeeper transformer?

What is the part number for a ControlKeeper Standard Relay Card ?

How do I wire a GDS switch to a CKT panel?

What is the part number for a LiteKeeper Standard Relay Card?

Where can I get the LiteKeeper 8 manual?

What cable do I use for wiring GDS stations?

Can you overide the daylight sensor on a room controller?

Do you have a patient care lighting control system?

Can you program scene 6 on a RC3 room controller?

Can the SP20-mv switchpack be installed in an electrical box?

What is the catalog number for a LiteKeeper 16/32 transformer?

How do you mount a PPS-5 Sensor?

How do you wire a PPS-5 to a Greengate panel?

What is the part number for a ControlKeeper Touchscreen Logic Board?

Is the OEC-U-1001 a discontinued item? If so what model should i use instead?

With an older PCI ControlKeeper version 3 panel can greengate digital switches be installed on it?

Is the VisionTouch software platform only compatible with Cooper products, or is it a generic BMS protocol?

How can I manually adjust minimum and maximum trim (lighting) level on the Room Controller?

How is the Room Controller's Receptacle Control Switchpack wired to the receptacles?

Can more than one daylight sensor (DSRC-FMOIR) be used with one Room Controller?

On the OSW-P-0451-MV can you have a manual off?

On the TSW-MV Timer Switch, once the timer flashes the lights at a 2 minute warning, can you re-activate the timer?

What is the maxmum number GDS switches you can connect to a panel with a GDS-I kit

Where can I find information on the EISSBox Open ADR Dry Contact Device (EBOX-2B-DC)?

Can Greengate panels dim all loads, if not what loads can they dim? 010V, ELV, MLV, etc...

Where can I find a wiring diagram for Greengate motion sensors with switchpacks?

Where can I find the user manual / installation guide for a Novitas 1-400R PIR switch?

On a LiteKeeper panel can you program a switch to command one relay on and another relay off?

how do i troubleshoot a litekeeper OCCUPANCY SENSOR

multiple rc-5tsb

Do you have a motion sensor that will activate a light switch

Are vacancy sensors compatible with Room Controllers ?