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Room Controller

What is the phone number for Cooper Controls ?

Why is the daylight sensor (DSRC-FMOIR) for the Room Controller not dimming the lights?

How do you use the HHPR-RC personal remote with the room controller?

Is the OCC-RJ45 coupler included with the OACDT1000 sensor?

Where can I find information on the OCC-RJ45 input/output device?

How do I wire line voltage to a Room Controller?

Can you use the HHPRG-RC for more than 1 Room Controller, or do I need one per RC System?

Lights wired to Room Controller turn ON but remain at a dimmed level (lighting does not respond to dimming raise controls). How do I troubleshoot?

Is there a video showing how to install a RC3D Room Controller ?

How do I program a Room Controller photocell?

I have wired 3 sensors to a room controller, everything is working but I noticed the limitation is 2. Would this eventually cause the sensors to fail?

Can I dim loads on the Room Controller individually with the slider?

We had a RC3DE Room Controller delivered without the 0-10 Volt Terminal Adapters. When we received the new terminal adapters, they came with capacitor and 0-10V Leads attached. What is the purpose f

How can I put the Room Controller into occupancy mode (auto on)?

How can I determine what Room Controller configuration I need?

Where can I find information on the Room Controller Personal Remote HHPR-RC ?

Where can I find information on the Room Controller RC3, RC3D, RC3DE, RC3DEHC ?

Can you overide the daylight sensor on a room controller?

Do you have a patient care lighting control system?

Can you program scene 6 on a RC3 room controller?

How can I manually adjust minimum and maximum trim (lighting) level on the Room Controller?

How is the Room Controller's Receptacle Control Switchpack wired to the receptacles?

Can more than one daylight sensor (DSRC-FMOIR) be used with one Room Controller?

Where can I find information on the EISSBox Open ADR Dry Contact Device (EBOX-2B-DC)?

multiple rc-5tsb

Are vacancy sensors compatible with Room Controllers ?

Lights wired to Room Controller turn ON but remain at a full bright level (lighting does not respond to dimming lower controls). How do I troubleshoot?

how do i use the remote so i could program the switch

What voltage does the skylight control option output on the Room Controller ?

Do you have a design assistant for room controller?

Can I use an A/V system's remote to control the Room Controller ?

Can I use 2 daylight sensors with 1 Room Controller ?

Can I use two daylight sensors with one Room Controller?

Can I wire more than 2 motion sensors to the RoomController ?

Do you know what the SCCR rating is on a Room Controller ?

How can I get the Room Controller's 3 dimming zones to dim independantly ?

What if a Room Controller doesn't have a green "Status" light blinking?

If I have more than one occupancy sensor connected to a Room Controller, then can I have the sensors control separate relays (loads)?

Where can I find information on the Room Controller QuickConnect Cable GGRJ45-* ?

How can I wire more than two motion sensors to a Room Controller?

Will a Room Controller wallstation drive the lights above the Daylight sensor setting ?

How do I connect 2 or more receptacle control switchpacks to the Room Controller?

How do I adjust the light levels in the Room Controller?

Are the room controllers networkable?

How can I control multiple voltages with the Room Controller?

What does it mean if the Room Controller status light isn't on ?

Looking for School room controller

What is the SCCR rating is for a Room Controller?

Do we need a OCC-RJ45 connector for a DSRC-FMOIR when there isn't any other sensor?

What is the height requirement for daylight sensor DSRC-FMOIR?

How do I program the AV scene for the RC3D?

I am looking for a product overview of the Greengate room control system.

Is there a way to adjust the fade rate when using the daylighting feature on Room Controller?

Can I network Room Controllers with a CK2?

What distance can the Room Controller personal remote be used at?

Where can I find a one liner on how to tie in two room controllers to one wall station?

Does the daylight sensor affect all three zones in the room controller?

Can you use vacancy sensors with the RC3D Room Controller ?

Am I able to quote networked room controllers yet?

How do I wire and adjust Demand Response on the Room Controller?

Is there a drawing showing how to connect a Room Controller to the PD216?

What are the part numbers for the Room Controller remote controllers?

What is the maximum length of Cat 5 cable connected to a Room Controller device?

What is the configuration for cat 5 ?

how many photocells can you connect to a room controller?

Can I raise and lower indvidual zones on the R-6-TSBC-TS7-W wall station? Or can i only raise and lower zones as a group?

Does the Room Controller work on 220V?

How high can I mount the Room Controller occupancy sensors?

Which zone does the Slider Station control on the Room Controller ?

What size box will be required for the Slider Station on a Room Controller ?

What occupancy sensors come with the Room Controller QuicKits ?

How many wallstations can be connected to the Room Controller ?

Do the Scene Wallstations need to be configured right out of the box?

How can I connect more than one Receptacle Control Switchpack to a Room Controller?

On the Room Controller what termination type is used for the Cat5 cable ?

Where does my neutral go for the emergency circuit on the RC3DE?

Will normal wall switches work with the room controller ?

Where do I connect the Occupancy Sensor to the Room Controller ?

Can I dim 4 zones with the Room Controller ?

Can I use the Room Controller with a fire alarm?

Can I use Timeclock mode and motion sensors with a Room Controller ?

How can I connect more than 1 switchpack to the Room Controller ?

Could I please get a wiring diagram showing the use of 2 Room Controllers combined?

Why is my Room Controller Demand Response not working ?

Do I have to use the emergency relay of the RC3DE Room Controller ?

Do I need a timeclock for the time clock mode of the Room Controller ?

How long can the wiring be for the Room Controller's Advanced Integration Connections?

Why do the lights operated by the Room Controller turn ON at a full bright level and respond to manual dimming lower controls but do not appear to dim automatically from daylighting?

Can I use the Slider Station with any Room Controller model?

How do I adjust the daylight sensor range on the Room Controller ?

Does the Room Controller dim fixtures ?

Does the daylight sensor on the Occupancy sensor control the Room Controller's dimming ?

Is the Room Controller capable of line voltage dimming?

How does the emergency circuit wire to the RC3DE Room Controller?

Is the DSRC-FMOIR (Room Controller Daylight Sensor) an open loop or closed loop daylight sensor?

What is in a RC3D Room Controller QuicKit ?

Where can I find information on the Room Controller Input/Output Device OCC-RJ45 ?

Where can I find information on the Room Controller Dimming Slider RC-SS1-W, RC-SS1-V, RC-SS1-G, RC-SS1-B ?

Can I output occupancy status to a BMS fr the room controller?P

Where can I find information on the Room Controller Daylight Sensor DSRC-FMOIR ?