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Room Controller

What is the phone number for Cooper Controls ?

Lights wired to Room Controller turn ON but remain at a dimmed level (lighting does not respond to dimming raise controls). How do I troubleshoot?

How do I program a Room Controller photocell?

Is the OCC-RJ45 coupler included with the OACDT1000 sensor?

How do you use the HHPR-RC personal remote with the room controller?

Can you use vacancy sensors with the RC3D Room Controller ?

Do the Scene Wallstations need to be configured right out of the box?

Will a Room Controller wallstation drive the lights above the Daylight sensor setting ?

How do I wire line voltage to a Room Controller?

Can you overide the daylight sensor on a room controller?

Where can I find information on the OCC-RJ45 input/output device?

Can I use Timeclock mode and motion sensors with a Room Controller ?

How do I connect 2 or more receptacle control switchpacks to the Room Controller?

What is the height requirement for daylight sensor DSRC-FMOIR?

I have wired 3 sensors to a room controller, everything is working but I noticed the limitation is 2. Would this eventually cause the sensors to fail?

Where can I find information on the EISSBox Open ADR Dry Contact Device (EBOX-2B-DC)?

Can I use the Room Controller with a fire alarm?

Could I please get a wiring diagram showing the use of 2 Room Controllers combined?

Why is the daylight sensor (DSRC-FMOIR) for the Room Controller not dimming the lights?

Where can I find information on the Room Controller RC3, RC3D, RC3DE, RC3DEHC ?

How do I program the AV scene for the RC3D?

Can you program scene 6 on a RC3 room controller?

multiple rc-5tsb

Lights wired to Room Controller turn ON but remain at a full bright level (lighting does not respond to dimming lower controls). How do I troubleshoot?

What voltage does the skylight control option output on the Room Controller ?

Can I wire more than 2 motion sensors to the RoomController ?

How can I connect more than 1 switchpack to the Room Controller ?

How does the emergency circuit wire to the RC3DE Room Controller?

How can I determine what Room Controller configuration I need?

Are the room controllers networkable?

Can I dim loads on the Room Controller individually with the slider?

Where can I find a one liner on how to tie in two room controllers to one wall station?

Can more than one daylight sensor (DSRC-FMOIR) be used with one Room Controller?

What are the part numbers for the Room Controller remote controllers?

What is the maximum length of Cat 5 cable connected to a Room Controller device?

What is the configuration for cat 5 ?

Can I raise and lower indvidual zones on the R-6-TSBC-TS7-W wall station? Or can i only raise and lower zones as a group?

How high can I mount the Room Controller occupancy sensors?

how do i use the remote so i could program the switch

How can I connect more than one Receptacle Control Switchpack to a Room Controller?

On the Room Controller what termination type is used for the Cat5 cable ?

What does it mean if the Room Controller status light isn't on ?

Where do I connect the Occupancy Sensor to the Room Controller ?

Can I use two daylight sensors with one Room Controller?

Why is my Room Controller Demand Response not working ?

Do I need a timeclock for the time clock mode of the Room Controller ?

Is the Room Controller capable of line voltage dimming?

Is the DSRC-FMOIR (Room Controller Daylight Sensor) an open loop or closed loop daylight sensor?

What is in a RC3D Room Controller QuicKit ?

What are the installation instructions for the Room Controller?

Where can I find information on the Room Controller Personal Remote HHPR-RC ?

Where can I find information on the Room Controller QuickConnect Cable GGRJ45-* ?

How do I adjust the daylight levels of the Room Controller?

Why won't my wallstation raise button work on my room controller ?

Where can I find Room Controller installation guides?

Does the Room Control system control receptacles?

How do I adjust the light levels in the Room Controller?

Why won't my lights dim with the daylight sensor but will with the raise and lower buttons on the wall station?

Can a Room Controller control Hospital Rooms?

Do you have a patient care lighting control system?

We had a RC3DE Room Controller delivered without the 0-10 Volt Terminal Adapters. When we received the new terminal adapters, they came with capacitor and 0-10V Leads attached. What is the purpose f

How do I wire and adjust Demand Response on the Room Controller?

How is the Room Controller's Receptacle Control Switchpack wired to the receptacles?

Looking for School room controller

What if a Room Controller doesn't have a green "Status" light blinking?

Do we need a OCC-RJ45 connector for a DSRC-FMOIR when there isn't any other sensor?

I am looking for a product overview of the Greengate room control system.

Is there a way to adjust the fade rate when using the daylighting feature on Room Controller?

Can I network Room Controllers with a CK2?

What distance can the Room Controller personal remote be used at?

Does the daylight sensor affect all three zones in the room controller?

Am I able to quote networked room controllers yet?

How can I manually adjust minimum and maximum trim (lighting) level on the Room Controller?

How can I put the Room Controller into occupancy mode (auto on)?

Is there a drawing showing how to connect a Room Controller to the PD216?

Can you use the HHPRG-RC for more than 1 Room Controller, or do I need one per RC System?

how many photocells can you connect to a room controller?

Does the Room Controller work on 220V?

Are vacancy sensors compatible with Room Controllers ?

Which zone does the Slider Station control on the Room Controller ?

What size box will be required for the Slider Station on a Room Controller ?

What occupancy sensors come with the Room Controller QuicKits ?

How many wallstations can be connected to the Room Controller ?

How can I control multiple voltages with the Room Controller?

Where does my neutral go for the emergency circuit on the RC3DE?

Will normal wall switches work with the room controller ?

Do you have a design assistant for room controller?

Can I dim 4 zones with the Room Controller ?

Can I use an A/V system's remote to control the Room Controller ?

Can I use 2 daylight sensors with 1 Room Controller ?

Do I have to use the emergency relay of the RC3DE Room Controller ?

Do you know what the SCCR rating is on a Room Controller ?

How long can the wiring be for the Room Controller's Advanced Integration Connections?

Why do the lights operated by the Room Controller turn ON at a full bright level and respond to manual dimming lower controls but do not appear to dim automatically from daylighting?

Can I use the Slider Station with any Room Controller model?

How can I get the Room Controller's 3 dimming zones to dim independantly ?

How do I adjust the daylight sensor range on the Room Controller ?

Does the Room Controller dim fixtures ?

Does the daylight sensor on the Occupancy sensor control the Room Controller's dimming ?

Is there a video showing how to install a RC3D Room Controller ?