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Why is the daylight sensor (DSRC-FMOIR) for the Room Controller not dimming the lights?

● Verify that the daylight sensor is installed in a location that is not obstructed from receiving daylight.
● Verify that the daylight sensor is properly connected to the Room Controller per the installation instructions.
● Verify that the daylight sensor lens is oriented properly for the location it is installed in.
● The sensor range may be set too high. If the sensor is located in a darker location, try reducing the sensor
range to a lower range using the instructions in the Advanced Daylight Level Adjustment section.
● Use the HHPRG-RC remote to adjust daylight levels per the Advanced Daylight Level Adjustment
procedures in the installation instructions.
● Check the Low End trimpot to ensure it is not set all the way clockwise.
If the daylight sensor is reading too much light for its current range setting, it will flash its Green LED with a slow blink pattern (6 seconds ON, 1 second OFF, repeated)--this blink pattern may appear as if the Green LED is continuously on. Adjust the range if you see this behavior.  Steps for adjusting the daylight sensor range can be found in the Installation Instructions at the following link:!controls!greengate!roombasedsolutions.html