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Lights wired to Room Controller turn ON but remain at a dimmed level (lighting does not respond to dimming raise controls). How do I troubleshoot?

Slider Station
● If a slider station is installed, other raise lower controls will be disabled. Verify that the slider operates as intended.
0-10V Output
● Disconnect 0-10V terminal blocks from the Room Controller. Lighting should go full bright:
    ● If lighting does not go full bright, check all wiring and ballasts/drivers for miswires and shorts on the 0-10V wiring until the problem is found.
    ● Verify with a meter that at least 10 VDC is present between the purple and gray disconnected leads. The Room Controller is a sink device (requires the ballast/driver provide the dimming voltage).
    ● If lighting does go full bright when disconnected from the Room Controller, check for polarity reversal on the 0-10V leads.
● Reconnect 0-10V wiring to the Room Controller. Press the reset button on the Room Controller to verify that lighting turns ON and goes full bright for 3 seconds:
    ● If it does go to full bright before resuming the dimmed level refer to the Demand Response and Daylighting possible causes.
    ● If lighting does not go full bright during the 3 second reset period, check that the maximum trim level potentiometer is not set too low for the space.
Demand Response
● Demand Response Mode may have caused light levels to automatically reduce. Check contact from demand response system. Verify that the demand response Energy Options DIP Switches are set for the appropriate lighting level.
● Daylight levels may not be correct for your space. Press the reset button on the controller to verify loads turn ON to Full ON for 3 seconds. If loads go Full ON then resume dimmed level:
    ● Look in the Daylight Sensor lens to determine if the Green LED is ON fairly steadily. If it is, the sensor is seeing more daylight than its range will allow. Set a new range using the HHPRG-RC remote and the Advanced Daylight Level Adjustment                procedures in the installation instructions.
    ● If the Daylight Sensor’s green LED is not on, use the HHPRG-RC remote to adjust daylight levels per the Advanced Daylight Level Adjustment procedures in the installation instructions.
    ● Check the High End trim pot to ensure it is not set all the way counter-clockwise.