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LK 4/8 Greengate Digital Switch (GDS) Programming

Step 1: Documenting GDS Programming

Each button on the GDS Station will be assigned an address using the onboard GDS Commissioning tool. To prepare for this process, you should document each button’s programming to identify the addressing scheme you will be using. A blank configuration chart and sample chart files are attached to this step.

To fill in the GDS chart:

1. Identify each station in your network by writing down its location in the facility and the button configuration of the station. See the chart below for easy identification of your station models.

2. For each station, identify the relays that each button is going to control.

3. Starting at address 1, assign each button that controls a unique group of relays a unique address. If buttons that belong to two or more different stations are going to control the same group of relays, i.e. 3-way switches, they should be assigned the same button address. This is shown with the buttons assigned to address 5 in the example chart in this section. Because they control the same relay group, they are both assigned to the same address.

4. The LiteKeeper can be programmed with up to 64 switches. Any of the 64 switches can be assigned to any GDS address or hard-wired contact closure switches. In the last column, for each unique address, document which of the 64 switches will map to which GDS address. (Note that in the example chart: address 5 will be programmed to one switch even though it is used for two buttons.) If you have already programmed contact closure switches in your system, you will want to ensure that you use switch numbers other than those you are using for your contact closure devices.

LK 4/8 Greengate Digital Switch (GDS) Programming step 2

  1. GDS Switch Commissioning Worksheet.xls
  1. GDS Switch Commissioning Worksheet Sample.pdf