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Do you have recessed cans that are fire rated?

What's the spacing criteria for recessed lighting?

Programming a Greengate Digital Switch (GDS)

Where can I find your warranty information?

What is a 1000D14G07 ballast?

Can I order parts for the H7ICAT?

What type dimmer should I use for the Halo H1499RT?

Will the H99ICAT work in plaster ceiling that is 3/4" thick?

What is the replacement lens part number for APHDVT-232?

What is the replacement lens for an XTOR9ARL?

Can the friction clips only be ordered for the RL56 series?

Does the Stasis LED track head have a 277v monopoint opiton?

What are the installation instructions for the VBB2 vapour barrier?

Where is cut sheet for the OT490P.

I am looking for an Ilight dimmer switch.

How many low voltage motion sensors can be wired to an SP20-MV switchpack?

What is included in the L992?

Is the H277 compatiable with the H750ICAT?

Which monopoint canopy should be used for any of the Stasis LED Track Heads?

What replaced P6502W halo track?

What is thermal detector for the H99ICAT?

What are the black remodel springs for H995RICAT?

How do I order a dead end for the L650 series track?

What is D71A03010022F PK?

What is the lens & frame for 2GR8-332A?

Do you have a replacment ring for the 310 coilex baffle?

Where can I get the orange connectors for Halo LED products?

Can I get a replacement driver for the HU under cabinet track?

Local regulations allow for the dimming 0-10v control wires to be inside the conduit with the Line power as long as it is 600v rated conductors. Does lighting or controls foresee any interference by

Is the ML5606835 0-10v dimming?

Does LAZER track come with end fittings?

How do I get my OAC-DT-2000-DMV to turn the lights out?

Can I get the 999MB with a black trim ring?

What type of dimmer does the L2001 require?

What is the lamp base for the LZR401 track head?

Do you need on L972 for each fixture?

How can you open the 955 shower light?

Will the 3001WHWB accept a frosted lens accessory?

Can Halo track be cut to size in the field?

What is the replacement E27 screw base adapter for RL56?

Can you send me the complete dimensions of the L702 lampholder?

Is the L936 extension wand compatible LED track heads?

Can the NightFalcon NFFLD be mounted upside down?

Is the HBE FBAY series offered in 347V?

Can a battery pack be installed in the TB LED?

What is D71A030-10022 PK?

Does the GDS keypad come in grey?

I need a 6 button low voltage switch.

What color is the OAC-DT-2000-R Occupancy Sensor ?

What dimmers can I use for the Skyridge?

How long can the wiring be for the GDS network?

How do I install the end and middle row sensor for the SkyBar?

Can HL6 LED be used on outside gables?

Has Halo discontinued polished brass color option?

Where is spec sheet for the L992?

What is the diameter of the glass in the 11302 trim?

Is a slope ceiling LED can available?

Do you have a picture or photo of the AirTight label you provide in your HALO products?

Is the lens on the new HU10 clear or frosted?

What is thermal detector for the H7ICAT?

What ceiling thickness with the H995RICAT accommodate.

How can I suspend Halo track from a sloped ceiling?

Can I purchase a lamp socket for track head L1752?

What is the maxium ceiling thickness for the H1499IC housing?

Does the L2761P require a transformer?

Can I buy the orange connectors you have on your LED trims?

Can I purchase the socket for the H7?

Do you have an HU10 installation video?

Can the ELG4's have the optics changed?

Is the 30CAT trim metal or plastic?

What is the diameter of the L992 stem?

Is the L806SM dimmable?

Is a live end connector required when using a floating canopy?

Can I cut off the two black fuse adapters on the SLD6?

What is the replacement socket assembly for the 998 trim?

How many springs are included RS7H?

Can the L48 be cut in the field?

Do you offer caps to fill in a recessed can that is not being used?

Does the H457TATE010 have a EM option?

Is there a replacement lens for LZR402MB?

What is replacement stem for H1319P?

What is the purpose of Air-Tite options?

Are the Halo extension wands ( L918, L936 ) compatible with the Lazer track fixtures?

Will the L975 adapter work for hanging a corded fixture?

Can we order just the bracket that comes with the L992?

Can we buy just the drivers for the HU10 series?

What canopy adapter do you use with the L807?

Are there any outlet adapters for HALO Acrchitectural track?

Is Brass still a valid color on track?

Does your track fit into another companies track?

What can I use to feed the track in two directions?

Does Halo and Lazer track come with dead ends?

Can track be mounted on wall?

Can we suspend track with air craft cable?

Is the purpose of this adapter to attach the track for track lighting to a pipe grid support system?

Dose the L806 track head work on Lazer track?

Is there a pendent kit for Lazer track?

Is the L651MB track 120v only?

What is thermal detector for the H99T?

What lamp does the L530039E take?