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What is the part number for the prismatic lens and doorframe for the HBLED?

Can I adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensor on the Ventus?

Can the HID IST wallpack be inverted on a wall for uplighting?

Can light squares be replaced?

Are the LED's in the TopTier replaceable?

Is a Cooper ballast supplied in a VWS-100-MP-MT-2S-BZ-L​?

What is included with LS/HSS?

What is the replacement lens for GSM-AM-1000-MH-MT-AR-​SG​-D​P-​L?​

What is the replacement quick mount plate for a TT Top Tier?

What is the replacement lens for a BS bollard?

Can the Top Tier mounting be converted in the field?

What is the template for a McGraw BRC bollard?

What is the lens only for the CIM Cirrus fixture?

Can a house side shield be added to a GLEON?

Can we order just the wall bracket for the Ventus?

What are the BUG ratings for an ISC-B02-LED-E1-BL3-BZ​ & ISC-B01-LED-E1-BL3-BZ​

Does the MS/DIM-Lxx include an integral photocell?

Will the GLEON when ordered in E1 operate on 240v?

Can you send me the specification sheet for the FSIR tool for the Galleon?

Will the IM option on the Ventus allow to mount on WCE424 bracket?

How many panels are supplied in TRLENS016PACK ?

Are light squares rotatable?

What does the Square Galleria External House Side Shield look like?

What size tenon does a GLEON flood require?

What is the replacement lens panel for a TRR type 5?

Can the SSF fixture be used for a conductor raceway?

What is the replacement 10KV module for a VPL-LED-E1?

Can the RV/WG wireguard be installed on a Valet?

What is the replacement 10KV Module for a GAT-50-LED-E1?

What is the replacement base casting for a BRL bollard?

What is the glass part number for the BRL Bollard?

What is the cupola window on the McGraw Traditionaire?

Can the WM option be added to a VTS Ventus in the field?

Do the anchor bolts come with the BSL bollard?

Do you have a drawing and instruction sheet of the OA1202?

How deep is the mast arm adapter for the Galleon?

What are the installation instructions for the MA1061?

Where can I confirm ARRA compliance?

What tenon adapter can I use with the McGraw Cirrus CIM fixture?

What the base dimensions for the VXB Vision bollard?

Can the DOS option be operated by another controller on the Top Tier?

What anchor bolts does a McGraw BRC bollard use?

What is the BR/BSABKIT?

What is the replacement base casting for the BR round bollard?

Is the back box to be recessed for the IST wall pack?

Does the Galleon flood knuckle adjust below horizontal?

Can you provide a drawing for the round lens for the BRC bollard?

Do the Galleon fixtures come wired 120v or 277v?

What is the approximate weight for a GLEON-AE-01-LED-E1-T3​-B​Z?​

Can the mounting method be modified in the field for the Valet?

What is the replacement flat glass lens for a GSM​?

Is there an option for a 2 lamp battery pack for an IST-42-CF-120-2S-F-L supplied with a single lamp?

What are the dimensions of the GLEON Wall Mount Plate?

Looking for a cutsheet on the MA1062?

What is the replacement BZ door with SAG glass lens for a GSM-AM-1000-MP-MT-FT-​SG​-B​Z.​

Are there hole plugs for the Galleon drilling?

Where are spec sheets for the tenon adapters?

Do you have a picture or spec of the MA1017?

Can a battery pack be added to a TT-A4-LED-E1-WQ in the field?

What is the OD of the Galleria Round fixture?

What is the part number for the house side shield on the Galleon?