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Can I get a parts list for commonly used parts?

Do you have recessed cans that are fire rated?

Do you have outdoor recessed soffit lighting?

Do you have discontinued spec sheets?

Do we have instructiosn for the IP66 gaskets in Portfolio?

Where can i find a cut sheet for the PRSQ4?

I need help with my Portfolio product from Lowes.

Does Portfolio offer fixtures with a NSF rating?

Is there another option for oversize trim ring for the LD8ART that would cover a 12" hole?

I have 8" pot lights in a vaulted ceiling. I need a replacement trim.

Does the DAL06P dim reverse phase loads? And has it been tested with the Portfolio fixture?

Do you make an led reto fit for a 7 inch can

Can recessed lighting touch foam insulation?

Is there an EM option for the LSR6A?

Does the LD6A20D010TEEMBOD have a standard emergency battery or an inverter?

Would the LPS48 work on a 45 degree sloped ceiling?

I have a model 7508LP I need the swivel clamps that hold the cover to the fixture.

Will the Portfolio LD6A series work with the LD6B series?

Does Portfolio make an IC rated housing for the LD6A family?

Does Portfolio offer extended depth collars?

What is the replacement glass lens for 10002P trim?