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Can I get a parts list for commonly used parts?

I need a wiring diagram for APCH7R.

What replaced the CHX303C?

Can I pendant mount a APX7G exit light?

Do you have discontinued spec sheets?

I need replacement batteries for the LPX70RWHDH CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME WITH A PART NUMBER?

What is the lens for EUX6R?

What is the replacement battery for CC7NCSD?

Is the FBP240C-DAMP battery pack still available?

What is the part number for the Watchguard EMS Self-Diagnostic?

Can i buy emergency lights direct from you?

I'm looking for replacement covers for LPX70RWH.


I need parts for Sure-Lites EBPLED14W.

looking for a black universal mount exit sign. Also need the same with a battery backup.

What is the BATTERY for the UX7RSD

Do you have the wiring diagram for All-Pro - Sure-Lites AP2SQ?

I am looking for the wiring schematic for All-Pro - Sure-Lites HS1R?

What is the wattage for the SEL-17?

What's the battery run time on APX7R?

Replacement Parts for the All-Pro - Sure-Lites APEL Series?

What is the difference between CX61and CX6S?

Where is cut sheet for an EL1400?

Is the CAX series discontinued?

Replacement Parts for the All-Pro - Sure-Lites APC Series? APCH?

Replacement Parts for the All-Pro - Sure-Lites AP Series with Heads? AP7? APH7?

Wiring diagram for EBP450X? EBP450F?

What are the wire guards for the All-Pro - Sure-Lites APX?

Will the All-Pro - Sure-Lites APEL-INT work in 220v at 60 hz?

Replacement Parts for the All-Pro - Sure-Lites HS1R Series?

Installation instructions for the All-Pro - Sure-Lites APEL?

Does the LPX7 have remote capacity?

Do you have AREA OF REFUGE signs?

I need a Model LPX-70 DG 60 HSD Exit light

Does Sure-Lites offer any wet listed combination exit and emergency units?

How long does it take the Sure-Lites PHL exit to charge?

Where can I find the specification sheet for the All-Pro - Sure-Lites APX series exit?

Is the CU1 series discontinued?

Please provide a wiring diagram for the Surelite FBP240HU.

Can a remote head be powered off of an All-Pro - Sure-Lites APEL emergency unit?

What is the battery used in the XR20SD?

What does "Self-powered" mean in reference to Sure-Lites or AtLite?

What is the Green Lens for Sure-Lites CX series exit?

What is the replacement for the CC2?

Are other colors available on a APCH7?

What battery pack can operate the RFR153?

Can a XR9C be made into an exit sign?

Can the housing for the Sure-lite CC5-WH be painted?

Are parts available for Sure-Lites EUS70R?

Does the CAX7 have remote capacity?

Where is a trouble shooting guide for the UX70R?

Is the I32 equal to EBP450F?

What parts are available for the emergency fixture GC15182SD?

Replacement Parts for the All-Pro - Sure-Lites APX Series? APX6? APX7? APXEL?

Replacement Parts for the All-Pro - Sure-Lites APR Series? APWR Series?

Is the All-Pro - Sure-Lites APEL available in black?

Replacement Parts for the All-Pro - Sure-Lites AP2SQ Series?

Can emergency battery packs be field installed on the 24GR? 22GR? 14GR?

SURELITE CAR717000GW X3 FIXTURE replacement face plate?


What are the available Parts for the ES6? ES7?

What is the PENDANT AND CANOPY KIT for the ES

What is the lumen output for the All-Pro - Sure-Lites APEL?

What is the size of the back mount of the EUS series? Is it a bracket? Do you have a section showing the back mount with the surface EUS series?

Where does the CC7 allow for conduit entry?

Where are the MSDS for UMB1?

Can the canopy and bracket be replaced on the CX61R?

Can I pendant mount the EUS?

Does the AEL2 have to be always on?

What does the NCX mean on an EBP1400NCX?

What is the stencil and lens assembly for SQE 294-R?

Does Sure-Lites emergency units operate for 90 minutes?

What remote heads can the APCH7 series Sure-Lites exit operate?

Can the APCH7 series exit operate a LEM remote head?

Is the All-Pro - Sure-Lites APEL emergency unit Dry Listed, Damp Listed or Wet Listed?